Museum Of Apothecary

Individual - 3 Months | Branding | Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Sketch, Premiere
  • Concept
  • Identity Development
  • Typography & Colour
  • Full Logo
  • Applications
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Campaign Posters


  • This is a branding design project for an apothecary museum that boasts a vast collection of herbal botanicals, antique mortars and other medical types of equipment. It was previously an apothecary business operating for decades in the 19th century in Austria.
  • Its primary missions are preserving the historical collection for future generations and offering locals and tourists a cultural institution to gain insight into the local apothecary.


  • Visual system needed to be intriguing and engaging, as the subject “Apothecary” can be distant and unfamiliar to many.
  • Logically and visually referencing to the historical background of the museum and its special features, while being fit in modern visual trends.

Visual Direction:

  • The visual language in this branding design was explored and developed from three brand values: heritage, inspiring, iconic. It aimed to convey a sense of healing, chic, the unvarnished.
  • It drew inspiration from a wide range of historic contents: photographic archive, old-fashioned illustration, antique medical types of equipment.

Identity Development:

Aiming to establish cultural and historical connections, the brand identity integrated the letter ‘A’ of Apothecary with the shape of an antique brass mortar, which was commonly used for grinding herbs and other medical ingredients in ancient times.

Typography & Colour:

To balance the unvarnished sense in the identity, Source Sans Pro, a sans serif typeface, was chosen, which is modern and versatile in different settings with a good range of weights in upright and italic styles. On the other hand, the warm, healing colour palette was individually named to build the brand's tone of voice. The naming processes based on techinical terms of medical herbs.

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Monday Dec 27 2021
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